Digging Deeper: Project-Based Inquiry (Ask a Compelling Question)

Facilitated by: Marie Himes

In this session, we will explore
  • What to do before conducting PBI Global.
  • How to develop compelling questions.


Activity 1: Pick a theme!

Description: In this mini-task, participant groups choose from provided content area themes and then brainstorm the kinds of background knowledge and skills that are necessary to conduct PBI Global on their chosen theme. Participants then consider how they would build this knowledge and skills among their students before engaging in PBI Global.
Groups post their brainstorms to padlet: http://padlet.com/mphimes/compellingquestion1

Rationale: This activity encourages participants to begin thinking about the theme on which they will base their PBI Globals. It also lays the pedagogical foundations for what and how they teach students before engaging in PBI Global in order for all students to have the foundational knowledge and skills to successfully conduct their inquiry projects.

Activity 2: Compelling or not?

Description: After sharing the characteristics of a compelling question, participants get to put their discernment skills into practice by evaluating question pairs and determining which one is more compelling and why. Individuals post their compelling question choices on the correspondingly numbered response posters throughout the workshop room.

Rationale: Participants get to identify and distinguish the characteristics of compelling questions from those that are not. By attending to the language used in the more compelling questions, participants will be able to apply this knowledge when developing their own compelling questions.

Activity 3: Develop compelling questions!

Description: Using the provided question stems, participants develop three compelling questions on their chosen theme from Activity 1. Each group chooses a reporter who shares their theme, one question stem, and the compelling question for that stem with the workshop.

Rationale: Using high quality, inquiry-based question stems will support participants in developing well-crafted compelling questions.

Activity 4: 3-2-1 Compelling Question Reflection

Description: Participants synthesize and reflect on what they have learned in this Digging Deeper session through a 3-2-1 reflection in which they write:
  • 3 things to keep in mind before conducting PBI Global with your students.
  • 2 ways to support the development of compelling questions.
  • 1 concept presented that needs clarification.
Individuals post their reflections on padlet: http://padlet.com/mphimes/321CompellingQuestionReflection

Rationale: Self-reflection is an excellent practice to embed in instruction since it requires learners to evaluate their learning on an ongoing basis - what they understand and on what they need clarification. In this way, the learner and teacher are able to formatively assess instruction and learning in order to better inform future instruction.

Compelling Question PowerPoint